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While most pet owners will hopefully never have to worry about a missing pet, the reality is that the leading cause of pet "disappearance" is simply that the pet wandered off and got lost.

Identification in any form is essential to help reunite lost pets with their owners. Tags on collars remain the first and most visible method to provide a contact number or name, but unfortunately, once the collar has come off, only the pet can tell you where she came from and most can’t talk!

Microchips, with rare exceptions, work throughout the life of the pet, do not fade with time, and do not fall off. Since the introduction of microchip technology for pet identification, many pets that would have been lost forever have been reunited quickly and efficiently with their owners.

A microchip is a tiny electronic device the size of a grain of rice, encapsulated in a special type of glass that makes them inert in the body.  It is inserted over the shoulders of your pet with a special syringe and needle that is only slightly larger than that used for vaccines, and most pets do not even feel it. To read the microchip, a scanner is waved over the dog and the number encoded on that particular chip is displayed on the scanner’s screen. Each chip is registered to an owner, so once the microchip number is found, all we need to do call up the database to find the owner.

We highly recommend a microchip for every pet, even those whose risk of wandering seems low - you never know when your pet may stray!

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